Our Services

These are just some of the services offered at Portico.  You are always welcome to set up an initial consultation with us at no charge to hear more.  Please contact us if you have need additional information or would like to set up an appointment. 

Investment Planning
At Portico, we’ll work with you to identify your investment objectives, risk profile, time horizon and tax sensitivity, among other factors, BEFORE we suggest an investment portfolio solution.  We recognize that everyone’s investment needs are specialized and that cookie-cutter solutions are not the way to manage your money. 
We’ll design a portfolio that is specific to your needs and that are based on your best interest. 
When it comes to investment products, there is certainly no shortage in this industry.  We have access to a variety of tools to help give us the exposure you need in various market segments.  These include mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks, corporate and government bonds, CDs, separately managed accounts, and alternative investments, just to name a few.  Our promise to you is that we will use those vehicles that will most appropriately fit your needs.  And we will make every effort to ensure you understand each and every investment in your portfolio. 

Once a portfolio is developed, we will constantly monitor your investments and allocations to make sure your account stays on target.

If you are a market timer and looking for hot stock tips, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t believe anyone can consistently predict markets swings over the long term.  Slow and steady may be boring, but it’s the best way to appropriately preserve wealth.  It’s about singles and doubles, not home runs.

IRA Rollovers
Do you still have a 401k at your old employer?  Do you have IRAs scattered all over the place?  At Portico, we specialize in helping you organize your retirement savings.  We have extensive experience in helping you properly combine your old 401ks and other IRAs in order better organize your retirement portfolio.  It’s very important that these transfers are handled by a professional to avoid possible significant tax consequences.  Let us help guide you through the process.  

Retirement Planning
“Do I have enough to retire” is easily the biggest question on people’s minds these days.  It’s no wonder, given how rocky our capital markets have been.  But do you even know what amount you need?  Have you ever really looked at what your expenses will be in retirement and what inflation will do to them?  At Portico, we have tools that can help answer that question.  We’ll take a close look at what you have, what you’re saving, when you may retire and make reasonable and appropriate assumptions about how investments, taxes and inflation will change over the coming years in order to guide your investment planning today.  If it looks like your one of the few who have enough, great!  We’ll celebrate together.  If not, we’ll help you get on the right track. 

College Planning
Your child’s college tuition could be one of the largest expenditures you'll ever make.  Choosing the right college savings account can feel overwhelming. With at least half a dozen different types of college savings accounts, all with unique sets of complex rules, it's tough to even know where to start.  At Portico, we will review all options with you and suggest the most appropriate avenue that suits your needs.  It’s never too early to get started!  



Insurance Planning/Risk Analysis
At Portico, we’ll do an objective analysis on your needs and help you decide on the appropriate amount of insurance you need to take care of you and your survivors in the future.  Is whole life or term more appropriate?  Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?  We’ll help guide you with those decisions.  If you’re fully covered, we’ll tell you that.  If you need more, we’ll help find the appropriate amount based on your needs.  

Portico is NOT affiliated with any insurance company.  We make our recommendations based on your needs, not ours.   




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